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        Company news

        We produce have Deluxe electric sewing machine, Household electric sewing machine , Mini electric sewing machine, handheld electric sewing machine , Stitching electric sewing machine, Multifunction electric sewing machine ,production and sales for more than 29 years, Guangzhou Huafeng Mechanical & Electrical Co.,Ltd Tel: +86-20-8605 3131

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        Spreading the sewing culture | VOF & 2018 China Spri...

        On April 15-19, 2018, the five-day 123rd China Import and Export Commodities Fair took place in Guangzhou Pazhou Complex. There are more than 24,000 exhibitors in this year’s Canton Fair Export Fair. As the manufacturer of the famous Chinese home sewing machine brands "Fanghua" and "VOF", Guangzhou Huafeng Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. were invited to participate in this session of the Canton Fair. With new style products, VOF received wide ac...

        Spreading the sewing culture | VOF & 2018 China Spring Canton Fair
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        Warm congratulations on the successful conclusion of the G...

        We are proud to be most professional manufacturing factory of all kinds of Domestic Sewing Machine/ Home-use sewing machine, multi-functional sewing machines, Portable and mini sewing machines for our customers worldwide. Guangzhou China Joint Staff electromechanical company limited international sales enthusiasm, honesty, professional service to our overseas customers left a deep impression, efforts will be fruitful, we won many new and old customers like i...

        Warm congratulations on the successful conclusion of the Guangzhou Sewing Machinery Co., Ltd. 2016 autumn Canton fair!
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        Data sortie Congratulations "Guangzhou China Sewing M...

        On 09 January 2017, held in Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, our company Alibaba data sortie (deadline: November 22, 2016 to December 31st for a period of 40 days) of gains success, which won the honor: Flag pioneer, team performance, the completion rate of five, all personnel of individual performance before 10, Tian Xiaohui (Charlene) person the performance of the top five single. Only this congratulate Guangzhou Hua joint electrical company limited international ...

        Data sortie Congratulations
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        The reason why we choose to use electric sewing machine...

        1.Simple sewing, put on the so-called selvedge sewing foot, seam out although not as beautiful as the special selvage machine of four line, for those of US Amateur speaking has been good. 2.Speed adjustment, which is very important for the novice, too quick to react, playing bad, repeated demolition is also a piece of heart thing. For veteran, the sewing is particularly difficult to deal with the place, slow down is also very necessary. 3.A lot of original value added access...

        The reason why we choose to use electric sewing machine, there are a few points are small series today to share with you

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