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        best sewing machine factory, mini electric sewing machine price, automatic sewing machine factory - HUAFENG MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL.Co.,Ltd
        Home About us Factory

        We have over 800 workers at the factory, and R&D department with over 50 engineers and technicians,with professional injection molding

        room and complete manufacturing processing equipment, a comprehensive means test,The equipment in Huafeng include dozens of EDM processors, 

        computer-contolled wire cutting machines,milling machines, lathes and different kinds of punches. Other equipments include dozens of 

        different injection molding machines and precision testing devices. We keep on devoloping and upgrading new models,designing newly moldings

        for plastic and metal parts and processing of the parts.

        Now Huafeng has 18 professional assembly lines with annual production capabilities of more than 3,500,000 appliances going to the market all over the world.

        electric sewing machine factory

        Huafeng has got ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification,the BSCI social responsibility system is audited

        annually.At present, we have obtained a number of product patents. Our product are hot selling in dozens of countries and

        regions such as China, America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Brazill, Russia, India, Southeast Asia and so on.

        HUAFENG takes"spread sewing culture, Create Harmonious Life" as the mission of the enterprise, insists on the Operation 

        Principle of" Innovation Based, Quality Oriented, Customer First, Service Satisfied",keep learning and obtaining the advanced

        experience and technology, develop new product with super qurality, struggle for the Enterprise Vision "Being the first class manufacturer

        in the filed of sewing machine".

        Technical support : Baiila

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